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Avoid These Costly Credit Card Processing Mistakes

Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone makes mistakes, even you.  Lets face it, we are only human.  Learning from our mistakes, and the mistakes of others, is what makes us successful. It is the same with accepting credit card payments. Learning to avoid credit card processing mistakes can add up to big savings. Here are five of the most common and costly credit card processing mistakes businesses make, and how to avoid them:

Key entering card information without getting a manual imprint when a card won’t swipe.

It is a matter of convenience. Customers are lined up at the register and the card reader does not recognize the card you are trying to swipe. Instead of locating the old, manual card swiper to make a manual imprint, you simply key-enter the card information into your Point-of-Sale (POS) system. While this saves time, it also opens you up… Continue reading

Questions To Ask Your Credit Card Processor

Make Time for A Yearly Payments Checkup
Add one more item to your list of annual checkups – a review of your payment needs. Along with health, insurance and vehicle exams, it is a good idea to make time once a year for a review of your processor and payment agreement.

An annual  exam with your processing partner can uncover changes that may save you money, or introduce new security procedures to protect your customers and your business. The following are 10 important questions to ask during a review to ensure you are receiving the best return on your investment, and that you are safely operating within industry standards.



Has my business changed?

Changes to your average transaction to an increase to your overall sales volume, fluctuations in the types of transactions you process may help you qualify for lower rates.  Or perhaps the addition of an online… Continue reading

EMV and Counterfeit Cards

You have heard all the talk about the “Liability Shift” – well the October 1, 2015 deadline has past and the world has not come to an end.  As you are aware the new credit and debit cards that are being issued have a microchip embedded on the front of each card. The purpose of the microchip is to make it harder for criminals to use your debit/credit card fraudulently and is designed to meet the EMV standard. Now we all know that there will always be criminals and having this new technology is not going to prevent other forms of card fraud.

EMV- which stands for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa – is the global standard for smart cards.  Europay, Mastercard, and Visa were the original payment brands that came together to create the standard. The standard has since been regulated by American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay,… Continue reading

What is EMV?

We have been inundated with phone calls for the last few months, from our merchants – all asking the same questions:

What is EMV?
What is chip card technology?
Can I be fined or even arrested if my terminal is not EMV Capable?
Without an EMV machine,  will I lose ALL chargebacks on your account?
Is it true that EMV is the only way to process credit card charges after October 1, 2015?

610 Merchant Services is here to help put all of our merchant’s, and hopefully some new ones, minds at ease.  We all have heard or read something about the looming October 1, 2015 liability Shift.

Lets start off by defining Liability Shift: this simply means there is a change in the financial responsibility to the merchant, bank or credit card company should a fraudulent transaction take place.  Today, if a card present  in-store… Continue reading

All Things Clover

All things Clover prepared by Tom Gregory – 610 Merchant Services LLC

Our payments processor – First Data, decided to buy out a small Android POS startup in 2013 named Clover Networks. Clover Networks decided to their go at the tablet market in early 2012. In the process, they forged their own applications market on proprietary hardware — bundling it into one package and sent it out into the world.  It’s marketed as a quick serve, restaurant, or small retail solution – not precisely meant to compete with legacy enterprise systems initially, but strong acceptance by merchants is changing that fact.


Clover is something of a special case when it comes to hardware.  Everything comes in the same bundle: terminal, stand, printer, and cash drawer for one price.  Need more printers for the kitchen or a Bluetooth bar-code scanner? You can get those too.  There’s… Continue reading