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Managing Your Business Just Got Easier.

We provide tools to help small business owners manage their daily activity so they can make better decisions and reach their goals.

Better Tools

Better Decisions

Better Cash Flow

Managing a small business is complicated.

You never know how much cash you have because you’re not sure yesterday’s receipts were deposited overnight. Your POS system doesn’t track employees or inventory so your not sure what you’ll need to cover payroll and purchasing. You don’t understand the data you have to feel confident in hiring the help you so desperately need.  Plus, you’re not even sure if the ‘books‘ you’re keeping are correct.

You work hard and you shouldn’t have to work even harder at the end of the day to figure it all out.

Managing a business is hard enough… There has to be an easier way.

Save time and take control of your business

Managing Your Business Just Got Easier.

Avoid Poor Decisions

Our powerful POS system tracks inventory, ordering, employee hours, scheduling and more. You'll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Transparent Credit Card Processing Fees by 610 Merchant Services

Know Your Cash Flow

We help you run your business like a seasoned pro with transparent fees and next day funding using the latest payment processing technologies.

No Credit Needed Small Business Funding by 610 Merchant Services

Reach Your Goals

When you're ready to reach for your goals, get quick and easy working capital to grow your business with no-credit-check-funding within 48 hours.

Take Control of Your Business in Three Easy Steps

Working with 610 Merchant Services Process Step 01

Step 01

We’ll meet in your shop or on the phone to discover how we can help you improve your business.

working with 610 Merchant Services Process Step 02

Step 02

We’ll present you with solutions you can choose from that are custom fit for your growing business.

working with 610 Merchant Services Process Step 03

Step 03

Sit back. Relax. We’ve got you covered. We’ll do all the heavy lifting to ensure your new business solution is working like clockwork.

We know how you feel. We've been there.

We started this company because we were paying too much in fees for our own business and being treated like just a number in someone’s ledger.

We knew there had to be a better way. We knew there were more companies like ours frustrated by the high fees and lousy service. We knew there were other small business owners overwhelmed by the thought of staying after closing time or spending the entire weekend ‘doing the books’.

What we discovered when we started working with other small businesses is that all they were looking for is honesty and support…

They wanted to be treated like people. Imagine that!

What they found while working with us is the frustration went away and they could focus on what they do best – taking care of their customers.

We love their service, their professionalism and, most of all, their follow up. We've never had a merchant services company who actually called us to be sure everything was okay and to review our statements to see if they can save us more money. Incredible people!
Click here for Small Business Funding by 610 Merchant Services

Small Business Funding

Reach for your dreams!

"It's impossible to get money from the bank" could be the understatement of a lifetime. When you need cash to grow, hire, or buy new equipment, we can help with no-credit-check funding in 48 hours.

Click here for Credit Card Processing Services by 610 Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing

Get paid and save money!

Whether you need a traditional credit card terminal, a few mobile swipers, or an online virtual terminal, our robust processing technology and equipment will help you get paid faster and save you money.

Click here for Point of Sale Systems by 610 Merchant Services

Point of Sale Systems

Get your time back!

We'll show you how a Point of Sale system can help you 'do the books' with confidence while getting your evenings back. You may even save some money by uncovering waste, streamlining ordering, and more.

Click here for Gift and Loyalty Programs by 610 Merchant Services

Gift Cards & Loyalty Cards

Reward your loyal customers!

Reward customers for loyalty with a customized loyalty program. While you're at it, help them spread the word by offering customizable Gift cards making it easy to introduce you to their family and friends.

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