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Small Business Funding

SBA Bridge Loans | Merchant Cash Advance | Lines of Credit | Small Business Loans

Payment Processing

Credit Card Processing | Check Payments | Online Processing | Recurring Billing

POS Systems

Inventory Management | Employee Scheduling | Table Mapping | Customer Appointments

Gift and Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Cards | Gift Cards | Customer Retention

What credit card processing company is best?

That depends. What are your needs? How much volume are you doing now? Do you need other services? These are just some of the questions a credit card processing company should be asking. If they’re not, they’re not the right company for you.

What makes our credit card processing company different?

Simple. What we offer.

We’re not just a credit card processing company. We’re a full service merchant services company. Most credit card processing companies are a one piece band. All they can offer is credit card processing. We’re a symphony of services all focused on one thing: improving your bottom line.

Some of our industry leading Merchant Services:

Small Business Loans Credit Card Processing
Merchant Cash Advance Gift and Loyalty Programs
Exatouch POS Systems Cash Discount Programs
Clover POS systems 24/7 Service

Payment Processing

People want doing business with you to be easy and fast. We can help. From credit card solutions to check payments and online processing, 610 Merchant Services can make paying you easy.

Small Business Funding

You want to expand, you want to buy inventory ahead of the busy season or you simply want to refurbish old equipment but the bank says no. We get it. We offer alternative, fast and easy funding to help you grow.

Point of Sale Solutions

Your busy  and need some help managing your business. Today’s POS systems do more. They can manage your entire back end from inventory to employee scheduling. A partner you can count on.

Gift & Loyalty Programs

Looking for a great way to increase youyr cash flow? Gift cards and a loyalty program may be the right solution for you. Did you know that 15% of gift cards are unused? That’s cash in the bank!

Credit Card Processing and Payment Options

Are you looking for innovative and flexible merchant services for your business? Would you like to collect your funds the very next day? 610 Merchant Services can help.

Whether you’re an established merchant who is tired of being raked over the coals by the hidden fees of big banks or you are a new business owner looking forward to your first sale, we can help you create a flexible payment solution to fit your needs. Getting paid by your customers shouldn’t be a hassle and it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Our innovative solutions can help you at the Farmer’s Market, in your brick & mortar store or your online shopping cart or all three at once. Our focus is to help you meet your goals by getting you paid quickly, accurately and economically. As a small business owner you have enough to do just to keep the doors open and tracking down the money you have earned is not one of them. Let 610 Merchant Services show you how we can help today.

Point of Sale Systems

It’s been a long day at the shop. Now it’s time to kick back and relax, right? Nope. You have to take care of all the inventory, the payroll, the ordering and the list goes on and on. 610 Merchant Services can help you get your ‘me time’ back with innovative business solutions.

We can set you up with solutions to take care of all the day to day stuff that can make being your own boss a bit trying at times. It’s like having a full time bookkeeper sitting next to you but the best part is the cost. Unlike the high cost of a weekly salary, 610 Merchant Services can create a solution that fits your needs at one third the cost. Now that’s the kind of solution we know you like.

No more 14 hour days. No more empty seats at your family’s dinner table. You will have the time to enjoy your life and spend time with your family. After all, isn’t that why your in business? Call 610 Merchant Services today and let one of our representatives talk to you about the right business solution for your business.

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Small Business Funding by 610 Merchant Services

Funding for Small Business

Are you and your team looking to expand? Are you a solopreneur with big dreams? No worries – we can do this…!

We all know that the banks can be difficult at best. We understand the challenges of trying to get financed through the traditional markets. That’s why we offer small businesses flexible, easy and fast funding solutions to help you get the working capital you need now.

Whether you need a small business loan, a merchant cash advance, a line of credit, an SBA bridge loan or even a healthcare cash advance, 610 Merchant Services can create the right solution for you and your business. Stop worrying and start growing and let’s get those fist bumps going!

Gift & Loyalty Programs

Want to keep your existing customers? Want to attract new and loyal customers? Want to have an easy way for customners to interact with your brand? Gift card and loyalty card solutions may be what you need.

Gift and loyalty cards are increasingly popular with consumers and merchants alike. Consumers prefer gift cards due to their flexibility and convenience and merchants benefit from a branded marketing tool that is proven to increase customer loyalty and revenues. Additionally, merchants guarantee the return of loyal customers with points accumulated on their loyalty cards. And with online reporting, the ability to collect clientele contact information and check card balances, transactions and purchases, it’s the perfect tool for streamlining your business operations.