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Credit Card Processing Services

You’ve earned it. You keep it.
More money for growing your business.

No hassle, fully transparent credit card processing services

Your credit card batch didn’t hit your bank account overnight…

Payroll is due and your vendors are knocking on your door, now what?! You’re not even sure what you’re paying for this lousy service and when you try to get some help you have to manage an online chat or stay on hold for 45 minutes while you work.

Why does it have to be hard?

Angry about being charged too much and all the hidden fees?

Worried about cash flow while waiting for YOUR money?

Frustrated with impersonal and inept customer service?

No More Frustration with Your Credit Card Processing - 610 Merchant Services

No worries…

Accepting Credit Cards just got easy.

  • Transparent Pricing
  • Hassle Free Funding
  • Personal Service

Simple Cost-Plus Pricing

Next Day Funding Guaranteed

Talk to a REAL Person 24/7

Easy Three Step Solution for Accepting Credit Card Payments

Our unique and easy three step solution will ensure you understand exactly what you’re paying and that you’re never paying too much.


Determine what you are currently paying and help you understand where you can save money.


Let’s get started on your new success plan and say goodbye to overpayments and bad service.


Sit back and relax and enjoy the rewards of personal service

Features & Benefits

Credit Card Payments TRULY made easy!

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our guarantee to you

If we can’t meet or beat any competitors true effective rate we will waive all early termination fees.

Frequently Asked (your service) Questions

Most types of businesses qualify for a merchant account. The application process may vary depending on your business type.

A few factors need to be considered when determining what kind of equipment to invest in. For example, what type of business are you in, retail or ecommerce?

Once we have all the information, we can better assist you in determining the type of equipment.

Yes, absolutely. 610 Merchant Services recognizes that your business changes. We follow-up on a regular basis and review your statements to make sure your processing needs are met and that your fees are the best they can be.

Tiered Pricing is a type of pricing model.  Unfortunately, this pricing model is the most common model offered. It is most profitable for the salesperson not the merchant.

Tiered pricing bundles a large number of processing rates into tiers: generally, 3, qualified, mid qualified and non-qualified. Which tier a certain transaction will fall under depends on several other qualifications which are set by the processor.

Monthly fees are almost always much higher.

610 Merchant Services uses a simple Cost+ pricing model.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) is a set of security standards designed to ensure all companies that accept card payments maintain a secure environment.

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